BOS ! Belgium Outdoor Shack


BOS! is promoting outdoor ham radio in Belgium. This website will guide you through the different outdoor award programs available in Belgium.


        Summits on the Air in Belgium 


       Lighthouses and Lightships in Belgium

      Flora and Fauna in Belgium

     Castles and Fortresses in Belgium

GMA summits in Belgium



-Founder BOS! (2019)

-Webmaster & graphics

-Frontend cartography (BOS! maps)

-Activator & chaser 



-Backend cartography (BOS! maps)

-New references BCA & GMA summits

-Activator & chaser



The BOS! team is managing also the Belgian Castle Award, the Belgian Lighthouse Award and the Belgian GMA Summits programs.

BOS! is publishing articles in CQQSO, the bimonthly magazine of the UBA